Net lights

Net lights are a wonderful decorating tool for your outdoor holiday display which looks more attractive during nighttime. They are connected to form a grid so that they can easily cover the exterior of bushes, shrubs, and trees by wrapping multiple light strings around them. The real beauty of net lights is the hassle-free installation process and with this process once can create uniform light patterns quickly and make your lightning look random and colorful by undergoing few adjustments. Depending on the style, you can connect about 14 to 21 LED net lights together in a single outlet.

For hedgerows, rectangular or square shape bushes that can be decorated with multiple angles and straight line net lights that look colorful and a perfect choice for the Christmas celebration. Even bushes with cone shape give an eternal look of Christmas tree by connecting the net lights end to end and wrapped either vertically or horizontally. Trunk and column wraps can be used for wrapping the trees. For small to medium trees, trunk wraps can be used and for larger trees, column wraps can.