A projector is an optical device that projects or creates an image by shining the light through a tiny transparent lens and hits the screen. These projectors are used for a different purpose like education and business uses. A contrast to the above, these projectors are also used for decorations during special occasions. These projector lights are used on Christmas occasions. They require only a little time and provide string after string of Christmas lights to get a festive look of home for the holiday times. The projection lights are cheap and cover the entire house with pretty lights as it requires only a few minutes to set up.

There are so many choices in choosing the projector light that depends on the way you want to decorate your home. Since they are inexpensive, these lights come out with more advanced features. The less you spend and fancier projectors you can get. Some of them are designed with a swivel head so that you can adjust the point of projection on your home. Most of the projectors come with either laser type or LED type. If you need to project snowflakes, then go with a laser projector that brings a clear image of the snowflakes. LED lights are softer and slightly out of focus from snowflakes. The main difference between them is the clarity.